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At that moment, you mount me, and start riding up and down.

As you start to get into it, you turn up both vibrators and start pumping up and down faster and faster until you reach your climax.

You state that you think you deserve at least one more O yourself before you allow me to have one.

And since I’m your O bitch, that I should be the one who gives it to you.

She seemed like the aloof, bossy, bitchy type who would be perfect for me, perfect to own me, use me, make me her obedient and submissive little bitch. I continued my online quest to find out more about Sina and found her Facebook page and was able to suss out more about her.

I yearned to worship a supreme Goddess who would define my existence and completely control me, including financially. I felt I should not less this moment pass without taking action. She worked as a buyer for a high end department store conglomerate. She spoke English and Italian and was born in Tahiti.

You tell me sternly though not to even think about coming.

If I do, the consequences will be so severe that I’ll wish I was never born.

So I was attracted to Tera, let’s call her this for now, and didn’t want her to slip away. “Ciao bella.” Two of the only Italian words I knew. I looked up the word Padrona as she had instructed me to, and found out it was the word for Mistress in Italian.You ask me if I will and again I emphatically shake my head up and down.As soon as I do, you stroke it faster and faster until I shoot my load all over my chest.I had no girlfriend at present, and admit I’m submissive, so it’s hard to find a girlfriend who will fit what I’m looking for.Most women want me to be dominant, an Alpha male, and I appear that way at work, just my general personality and appearance and yes, even when I have sex with women, I’m the aggressor, but deep inside I know I’m submissive and inadequate and don’t feel like I can hold out this charade, this acting job I have to do 24/7.

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