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It will teach you self-articulation and raising your sights and standards. The answers you come up with here will save you hours of thinking and doubting later when you start talking with the women online who will find themselves fascinated by what and how you are communicating. From outstanding athletes, attorneys, political candidates - mental preparation and a commitment of the spirit to victory before the game, the trial, the election, will determine victory. There is a competition going on in this arena, yes. thing of every element of yourself, your speech, 16 your choice of words, your body, clothes, car, body language as signifiers. The women at the other end of the fiber optic cable are not targets to “conquered," but your allies in mutual joy and exploration. In this game, both you win and she wins if you play at the top of your game. We will get to them all and show you great examples of how to make these Attractor Secrets work for you – you as a unique individual, expressing the actual strengths and attractors you already possess. Less so if you seek women who are emotionally healthy and don't project their last idiot date on you. Fire – she’s passionate, emotional, confident, brash. Why are so many of you wasting this golden opportunity to electrify, mystify, magnetize or tantalize her? The scene is set for power, threat, life and death, danger. It sets off a puzzle which takes the whole movie to solve. Zep: “There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold…” Billy Joel: “Well, we all have a face that we put away forever.” Or how about the opening guitar riffs of “Smoke on the Water.” 69 Unforgettable. Jonnysexy, hotlover, Smoothlikebuttah (I kid you not). niceguy, niceguyalonein NYC, freindlyfella, friendlyguy, lovesmymom, Hey! How sexy is this: ultimatebruinfan Endless of the these: scubaguy, photoguy, writerguy, filmguy, lawguy, reefdivingman, adentist, swimmer and scariest – shooterguy. And that's to remind you that when she is reading your profile, she is reading it from HER point of view, not yours. Until you've piqued her, teased her, brought her into your fantasy vacation, helped her feel recognized and appreciated with your penetrating insight into her potentiality. Ramp it up so it sounds like you’re a ticking bomb angry at women. If you have happy family photos, you can include them as additional photos in your profile. That you are gentle and nurturing even while you are also badass. Remember, there is a fine line between creating rapport honestly and manipulating/fooling a girl to get something from her. But give up on the sunglasses resting low on the bridge of the nose, side-glance thing. A nice open smile sets off a whole series of neurochemical reactions in the viewer.

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In this guide you WILL learn: 13 ü How to offer the depth of your masculine solidity, humor, trustability and protectiveness. Hell, I got a furious letter from a woman who wrote me but I was traveling and hadn't checked my online dating site for a week. She accused me of probably wearing sandals with slacks. Just buried fury at men coming to the surface -- and I hadn't even had any contact with her. Be edgy and playful but don't do anything you'd be ashamed of. The kind of power that vanishes the second the interaction is over because now they are left empty of all feeling for you except for the feeling that you are a dork. But let's leave the salesman metaphor behind for a second. I owe the concept to the business writer, Seth Godin… 52 So when I say start innovating, I mean change your product – which is you. 62 A: Writing 101 WRITING FUNDAMENTALS: A SPEED PRIMER Ya shoulda learned this stuff in high school but you were too busy staring at the breasts growing over there on the cheerleader at the next desk. That said, a masculine picture of you romping with a dog is an attractive sight for women. And cycle funny photos into your profile array of photos. Almost inevitably, these women are going to be trouble, so I never follow up. The ever-innovative Chet Rowland has a photo of him with a wheelbarrow full of money in front of a bank. Because it removes you from the lone wolf predator status and makes you 67 trustworthy because you become boyish, brotherly, accepted by other (powerful) men. A word about photos: When I first went online, I put the only pictures I had – sort of rugged mountain shots hiking etc. I’m sure I lost a lot of women because they weren’t into the work and granola-lifestyle that suggested. ü Real examples of online interaction: what works/what doesn’t. In this manual you will UNLEARN: ü ü ü ü ü How to turn off women by compromising your masculinity How to turn off women by being a suck up. How to torture yourself How to turn off women by projecting a sense of self-limitation. CONFIDENCE ATTRACTOR: COMMITMENT TO WINNING In fact, commitment is so important as a Deep Attraction, let’s talk about it in a little more depth… You will be committed to winning - not merely trying to “get lucky” or what I call the chance game of “playing and praying.” So know that you will fail. You will try all the Quick Start Stand Out Techniques in the accompanying Manual. This is such a key idea that if you don’t know it already, you will slap yourself on the side of the head and say, “how the f*** have I lived this long and not realized this!? They sense weakness in the “song and dance.” “Hi, I am a really great guy. If you want to stand out, you have to not blend in. " profile-points that clutter most guys’ profiles blur one into the next. If you create a product that stands out, you don’t have to pitch it, hawk it and bother people about it. ” Two Key Marketing Facts That Make Millions for Smart Entrepreneurs Can Help You Gain Something Equally Valuable the Women You Dream Of: 1. It's been said that if men and women understood each other, there would be no literature, no art, no fiction, no poetry, no theater. This is the mindset I need you to be in before we proceed. And strength, competence, with kind of roughhouse bad boy sexuality. C: Your Online Name: CREATE A NAME THAT ELECTRIFIES What’s in a name? Remember – every element of your profile is a signifier. I will, for example, not enter a movie if I don’t see the opening shot. But if you see a dude on the beach or some other strong image that plays against the sweetness of his online name – blink! Sweet NGrow Be a Selector: norepublicans – good and direct; says he won’t compromise and stands strongly on his beliefs. Ignite her imagination- this is the categorical opposite of projecting a limited fragment of yourself. At the beginning, they have every right to believe you are a creep. Hey, honestly, if you had a little sister online, what would you tell her? You’d tell her that guys will say anything to get into your pants. 73 Creating Trust: Do’s and Don’t’s I like the online world because I like to read women and respond thoughtfully – to find a way to touch them in such a way that I stand out from the crowd. 1) 2) 3) 4) words are your tools words are infinite words are perfectable words are powerful I LOVE the online scene because I can control it and make it work for me. ü Tested marketing techniques – applied to online dating (people simply respond emotionally to tested languaging). ü How to become a stand out as a magnet of intrigue online. post your profile, write to women) you will be playing to win. 49 CHAPTER THREE: MASTERY MEANS YOU DON’T SELL; YOU BECOME AN IRRESISTIBLE BRAND 3.1 Stop Advertising… Please take a minute and read twenty other guys’ ads. That one’s about creating a product that stands out. Let’s approach the answer as coldly and clearly as any Marketing Director would, by asking the key question: “What is your target market? You want it to have instant impact, to have punch, life, energy. ü Go funny – I recently received a note from a woman in Canada who included one sexy photo in business attire and one photo of her golf-putting in her hallway. ü Go Suggestive – if you have a photo of you preparing an amazing dinner in a nice kitchen – do you think that paints an attractive picture for a woman’s imagination? And if that’s how I think, I guarantee you, that’s how women will think – x1000. - David Ogilvy, possibly the greatest advertising genius of all time, was an exponent of the BIG idea. What did I communicate – I’m physical, I can fix stuff – which of course women love. This is the Electric Contrast I've begun to show you. Probably one of the best analogies for creating a powerfully attractive name is to compare online names to the opening line of a great song or the opening shot of a cool movie. You’d tell her that you know how guys think because you are one. I did okay, but everyday amazing women appeared on my screen and I wanted them all! It’s about building expertise and being professional about it, meaning you really, genuinely bring your intelligence to bear here. I’m an award winning poet, infomercial writer, adwriter, journalist, columnist, brand strategist. 7 Online I could do what I do best – write, blend and contrast signifiers, explore, learn… I made mistakes at the beginning – I was too serious, too sincere, too beggarly, too transparent, too nice. I wanted to master what was a big gaping wound in my life -- feeling like a failure with women. I wrote emails to them that started out with, “Don’t worry, I’m not gay…” and then asked if and how their profiles were working for them. Women complain to me all the time about how boring or how obnoxious guys online seem. And, at my friend's urging, I wrote this book to show other guys how to avoid making them. It’s about stepping up your efforts in the dating/relationship world the same way you would on the job.

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