12 rules of dating my daughter

“And I was saying, ‘You need to take me to Ella now,’ and they were like, ‘You can’t go …she’s dead.’ “And that made no sense, because I knew that I’d left her at home with a baby sitter and her brother, so I said, ‘Is my son OK? That’s when everything stopped making sense.” Sometime around 10 p.m., Paris, an unusually gifted child with an IQ of 141, had convinced the baby sitter she could go home.Paris had stabbed his half-sister to death in cold blood with a kitchen knife.“There have been other moments like that,” Lee tells The Post of the 2007 incident in the Abilene, Texas, store.“But people often have one opinion at first, and then change it once they’ve talked to me and offer compassion.” The 44-year-old’s powerful story of grief, love, fear and forgiveness is featured in the documentary “The Family I Had,” airing on Investigation Discovery at 9 p.m. A prison rights activist, she keeps Ella’s memory alive while frequently visiting her now-24-year-old son in jail.

” Drawing on all the strength she could muster, Lee shakily replied: “Ma’am.Next, the boy spent six minutes calling a school friend before waiting two minutes and phoning 911 to report the murder.“He pretended to follow the dispatcher’s directions and do CPR,” says Lee.This followed more than a decade of sobriety for Lee. “The only regret I’ve ever had about my own personal behavior is my relapse,” says Lee, who has not abused narcotics since Ella’s death.“The fact is, it made him angry and he chose to handle it that way [by killing Ella].

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