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Later when Tamaki tried to find him some clothes, he wore black pants, a purple curtain he wore as a cape (Tamaki not able to find a shirt big enough for him), and brown sandals.

After Taka had allied with Akatsuki, Jūgo was shown wearing an Akatsuki robe.

Years later while working for Orochimaru, he developed a stronger jawline and dons his hair in an up-do while keeping the sides short.

Prior to leaving, Jūgo was visited by Kimimaro who explained the situation to him.

An outcast, Jūgo's rage made him a danger to anyone around him, as they stood little chance of survival should he lose his temper.

At one point, he became so angry that he destroyed a village and killed all of its inhabitants.

Jūgo's abilities undoubtedly make him a dangerous individual, enough to gain the interest of other powerful ninja such as Orochimaru and Sasuke Uchiha at separate times.

After adapting their DNA and abilities, Kabuto also indirectly praised Jūgo when noting the quality of Sasuke's former team.

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