50 cent dating long nia

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city occupies a total area of 64.8 square miles (168 km) (4.76%) is water.

When Europeans first visited the Stockton area, the Yatchicumne, a branch of the Northern Valley Yokuts Indians, occupied the Stockton area.

Afterward, in 2009, Tompkins(his baby mother) again considered for an appeal but one more time she failed to prove any allegation.

Although, at the time of birth, 50 Cent was much happy to become a father.

After detail of his personal life, the following part of this article covered a brief review of 50 Cent career.

Now he is one of the successful actor, rapper, investor, and businessman.

In 2005, 50 Cent introduced his next album ‘The Massacre.

Up till now, he has launched six best-selling albums and garnered an immense popularity.

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In 1996, 50 Cent became a father of the son named Marquise Jackson from his long-term girlfriend. The judge discarded her petition and described it as ‘love affair gone sour’.Recently, he clubbing with a pretty girl whose name has not come at media.His happiness must show that something is going on between them, maybe this is the final girlfriend of 50 Cent, but not sure at all.However, he initiated his career professionally in 2000 and produced a studio album Columbia Records but unluckily the album was never released. Dre and Eminem facilitated him to be a best-selling rapper.Further, in 2002, 50 Cent launched debut compilation album ‘Guess Who’s Back? He rose to stardom after the establishment of hip-hop group ‘G-Unit Records’ along with other rappers.

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