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JOHN BLAIR, The Queen's College, University of Oxford: The walking undead in medieval texts do quite a lot of different sorts of bad things.Some of them come back and attack their own relatives and friends, some of them spread disease, some of them do suck blood just like Dracula. People were in terror of them until they have to do something about it, so it's the whole range of disruptive, destructive, frightening activity caused by people who have no business to be walking around anymore.This particular piece is about where the Anglo Saxon church and its associated cemetery were before they were quarried away.At first glance, they appeared to be unremarkable Anglo Saxon burials.DACRE STOKER, Great-Grandnephew of Bram Stoker: Without a doubt Bram Stoker's created the most recognizable and potent monster of all time.

Could it be that the myth of the vampire isn't a myth at all?

IAN MEADOWS, MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology): Laid in graves sometimes in parallel lines and the bodies were all laid with their feet to the east and the head to the west.

But then, Ian and his team uncovered something extraordinary.

From The Life and Miracles of Saint Modwenna: "They appeared at evening…

carrying on their shoulders the wooden coffins in which they had been buried.

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