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Mary's and Newton cemeteries are all 19th-century upstarts filled with shockingly modern Victorian monuments.Come the zombie apocalypse, we've got a feeling these dead guys are all just going to roll over and hit the snooze button for another couple of decades, at least.Sure, everybody's on the bandwagon now, but back in the day, abolitionism was a fightin' word.The Jackson Homestead, which today houses the Newton History Museum, was once a stop on the Underground Railroad where runaway slaves found safe haven before being smuggled across the border into Canada.East Parish Burying Ground is the oldest cemetery in Newton, dating back to 1664 and featuring some really creepy old gravestones with winged skulls and stuff.

Where else are you gonna bring the kiddies to have them hand-feed a tame bassoon, trombone, or the shy, elusive piccolo?Great schools, community activities, lush greenery, yada yada yada.Seems to us Money missed all the fun stuff, but that's what we're here for; we'll give you the "what's hot" list.Ok, so Katharine Lee Bates supposedly wrote "America the Beautiful" while standing on top of Pikes Peak, but she did live in Newton when not off gallivanting around the Rockies.And Samuel Francis Smith, the Baptist minister who wrote the words to "My Country 'Tis of Thee", may not have been Newton born and bred, but he is most certainly Newton dead and buried in the Newton Cemetery.

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    She ends up flirting pretty heavily with him, but then reveals she actually wants to set him up with her mom, who turns out is pretty cool.