Ambitious men dating

However, if you have a big vision of what you hope to accomplish in your career, there’s a strong chance you won’t be satisfied for long.

Operating on similar intellectual levels will help ensure you have an equal partnership.

Or a man’s subconscious might tell him he can’t handle dating today’s super-capable, financially independent girl boss, says David Buss, Ph D, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Texas at Austin.

“She’s more likely to leave the relationship if she’s unhappy.

“He made me laugh, the sex was great, and he was intellectually stimulating,” she says. “He couldn’t look past the fact that I made more money,” says Lauren. workforce is female and 40 percent of those women are their family’s breadwinner.

“He even told me I was overpaid.” He confessed that he felt emasculated by her career, and later, while she was on a work trip, he cheated on her. But as they strive for success, they’re hitting a snag.

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    There’s no harm in sending him a text and just checking in if he left you hanging. if he ignores a second text from you this early in the relationship, he’s just not feeling it. Also, if you want some help figuring out if why he’s not texting back, the best thing you can do is click here to take our “Why Doesn’t He Text Back? I hope this article helped you better understand a guy’s texting habits. There is one defining moment in every relationship that determines if it will last, or if you will be left heartbroken…

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