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The reason for dating it 1963 is because the pot codes read 137-6306.

(dating them to the 6th week of 1963) Also this B15 has a hand wired circuit board.

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My technician Chris Ward has serviced the amp so its ready to go with no issues. These early models did not have the serial on the back of the amp Chassis, instead the serial number was on a small label glued to the inside of the cabinet.

These labels are often missing as is the case with this B15.

The original XLR socket remains but is disconnected. There is one horizontal tear to the grill cloth (bottom left) Has wheels for easy transportation.

There may be one or more tone stages which affect the character of the guitar signal: before the preamp stage (as in the case of guitar pedals), in between the preamp and power stages (as in the cases of effects loop or many dedicated amplifier tone circuits), in between multiple stacked preamp stages, or in feedback loops from a post-preamp signal to an earlier pre-preamp signal (as in the case of presence modifier circuits).

The tone stages may also have electronic effects such as There are two configurations of guitar amplifiers: combination ("combo") amplifiers, which include an amplifier and one or more speakers in a wooden cabinet; and the standalone amplifier (often called a "head" or "amp head"), which does not include a speaker, but rather passes the signal to a or "cab".

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