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On Drake's latest release, "Days in the East," we learned that he and Erykah Badu had a heart-to-heart over a cup of tea, and in addition to wondering what brew she served — green tea, peppermint, lemon-acai?

— we're also curious about what the entire conversation sounded like.

"Remember one night I went to Erykah Badu house, she made tea for me.

Rumors of their engagement were put to rest last year, but they seem to still be going strong. Dominique, who's in her early 30's, managed rapper Q-Tip up until last year and is now an A&R consultant at Epic Records.

Remember that time Drake admitted to having an Andre 3000 shrine in his apartment? " Badu isn't the type to kiss and tell, but she likely let a few details slip just to satiate Drake's thirst. Dot to perform his GKMC single "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" at the BET Awards last year, and after the set, they walked offstage holding hands.

We talked about love and what life could really be for me," Drake spits on the track.

"She said, when that sh-- is real, you just know." So, they chatted about love and maybe his longing for Rihanna, but there must've been more to it.

Erykah's been in the business long enough to know that getting gently prodded by Hov on a song is good news.

Not to mention that it was accompanied by a very rare verse from Jay Elect.

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