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He was just some kid, but he was not in Jackson’s world.But then, all of a sudden, Scott starts to have these heightened senses and becomes an amazing lacrosse player, and that’s Jackson’s life.No matter who your friends were, our grades were really important to us. We actually cared about our education, and that’s carried through with me, just having graduated college in September.HAYNES: Jeff is so great when it comes to having his ears open.

There are some scenes that I’ve seen in editing that are just mind-blowing.

It’s like you’re watching one of his HAYNES: With MTV, we’re blessed to not have to work inside of this box that a lot of other TV shows are.

Not only do we do that, we really hit the mark when it comes to pushing the limit, but pushing it tastefully and, at the same time, shockingly. RODEN: Lydia notices Scott when he does well on the lacrosse field.

And then, throughout the filming, I got to be a part of the whole entire series. I asked him if we could make her both the most popular girl in school, but also the smartest girl in school. I like that she’s not condescended to, academically.

I really appreciate that Jeff was able to incorporate that. I went to an all-girls school for most of my life, and the curriculum was definitely at the top of your list.

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