Are courtney and austin from the biggest loser dating

Also they're played in the same positions in both songs but the reason they sound lower in Rape Me is because Rape me is played in standard D tuning whereas SLTS is standard D#/Eb tuning.(I'm pretty sure this is right but feel free to correct)I've said this about other Nirvana songs.Well, musically speaking, I agree with the person who said it's not SLTS backwards exactly, just rearranged in a different order.SLTS chords are FFFA#A# GGGCC; whereas Rape Me chords are GGGCC FFFA#A#.Now that I'm older, I don't see exploitation in everthing males say, write or do.(And if they are being that, I don't give them the power to cause me to feel fear, they are the ones that need to grow up) So, I am able to get past red flag words, like "rape" and look at the context and consider the possiblity that there are alternative meanings.The real origin of Rape Me is more complicated than most know.

but I'm from Seattle) I still am here too, and now old, unlike poor Kurt. My female peers and I had such a defensive, one dimensional view of his lyrics when he was with us.That is why the music and sequence structure of the two songs are so similar (quiet verses building to loud chorus and then backto quiet verses, plus the final repeated two word climax of the song at the end , screaming 'Rape Me! Opening your heart and soul to strangers, the penultimate 'media whore'.For this reason, many leading singers do not even write their own lyrics.Additionally, as an under-aged subject is less mature than his/ her suitor, it would be comprehensible for said subject to ponder whether or not he/ she is the "only one".Years back, watching Much Music (music channel in Canada) Kurt was in Vancouver and doing an interview and when he was asked the meaning of the song, he said that he had many homosexual friends, and the song was about the oppression of gay people.

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