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In addition, people automatically assume if you don’t have a good relationship with your parents, then you have mommy or daddy issues, which may not be the case.” On the flip side of this, though, is how to tell your partner’s relationship with their mother is actually a problem: These are the 6 Signs His Relationship with His Mother Is a Total Deal Breaker.

If you’re using this language to ask a person about their race or ethnicity, maybe don’t.

Venessa Marie Perry, founder and chief relationship strategist at The Love Write.“Newsflash: We are all humans,” says Michelle G, a certified matchmaker and dating coach.If someone wants you to know about their race or religion, they’ll tell you.“It’s really none of your business at this stage in the relationship to know the gory details of their breakup or how many people they’ve had sex with since their divorce.” This is yet another topic to be saved for later on down the road.“There’s no need to put that kind of pressure on the other person,” Headlee says.

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