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But, Santino was at the bottom two scores for four challenges.Eventually, he stuck throughout the season and became one among the three finalists, who were elected to showcase their designs at Olympus Fashion Week in NY.Santino Rice status as a fashion designer came into notice when he became one of the finalists in the Project Runway.With his personality and support for the LGBT community, Santino was always in the receiving end of gay rumors.I heard somewhere that Santino Rice was sleeping with drag queens who wanted a heads up in the competition.I'm not sure if this is a rumour or not, but right after my girlfriend told me about it, we saw the episode on season five where Ivy Winnnnttteeerrrsss makes a comment along the lines of 'it's as bad as sleeping with Santino Rice'.Although he hasn't been with a boyfriend publicly, Rice once stated that he is attracted to both men and women.But, Santino hasn't mentioned his sexuality precisely, which still leaves the matter unclear.

I bet he has an insatiable appetite for young twink drag queens like Ivy winters, except that one time he slept with Jiggly Caliente to see how good she smoked ham That sounds... It would get obvious pretty fast and ugly even faster, especially considering he didn't have enough influence, at best he'd be able to say which challenges wild happen a couple of days early.

Later, he got opportunities to work in the fashion and film industries.

In the year 2005, he competed in the most coveted fashion designing game show, 'Project Runway: Season 2,' where he won two challenges and landed a spot among top three designs, thrice!

But Santino identifies himself as the bisexual rather than gay.

During a question about his query, he said: You can just call me gay but I like men and I am attracted to beautiful women.

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