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If you do that, the tax credits are backdated to the same date as your eligibility for whatever. Tell tax credits about dla by 30/6/12 and the tax credits is backdated to 1/1/12.

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They have requested a form filled out and her birth certificate sending in which I did yesterday 5 weeks after they received my original claim (they only just asked for it) How does backdating work?

The following sources of information relate to the backdating of Working Tax Credit: (1) Tax Credit Technical Manuals - TCTM06104 - Claims and Notification: Backdating Working Tax Credit (WTC) 'Requesting backdating to a specific date within 31 days of receipt of a claim - When a person claims Working Tax Credit within 31 days of starting work, their claim can be backdated to the date they started, providing they notify HMRC of the date they started work or it can be backdated for the whole 31 days if earlier.

This is providing that on that date they would have qualified for tax credits had they made a claim for it.

There will be no change to the rights and status of EU citizens living in the UK until 2021.

You and your family can apply for ‘settled status’ to continue living in the UK after June 2021.

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