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“We instantly connected, texted incessantly, and became Snapchat friends,” she said.“We had plans for Monday and it couldn’t come soon enough.” But she’s not the only one who’s had close shaves - a few months ago a friend was set to go out with a Tinder date when she googled him and found out he’d nearly gone to prison for glassing someone in a club two years earlier.Aste charges £23.50 for a background check, so it’s a bit steep if you’re planning on doing it before every date, but if you have an inkling and want peace of mind, it’s not outrageous.At the moment, Aste takes on clients all across the globe, but only in English.I looked up Ali’s background there and, wow, that’s awesome that you have got such a diverse background.

Finding the kind of love that lasts a lifetime online is not only possible, but likely.“We deliver social media profiles, sex offender status, major arrests, and then any other mention of your date online.“If that means they were in a small news story from 2002 about building a movie theatre in their parents’ home, you get that too.” Still, people like the reassurance of knowing they’re not meeting someone dangerous.“We’re trained professionals with a proprietary method of doing research on a person,” Nashawaty explains.“That's also how we can do it so quickly.” Incredibly, 45 per cent of people they’ve investigated were hiding something - nine per cent were married, nine per cent had arrest records, 11 per cent hde conflicting information and 16 per cent were catfishing (pretending to be someone they’re not).

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