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The dominance of male Western superstar artists at a Hong Kong fair showed the spreading of systemic prejudices found in Western mature art markets, according to the Guerrilla Girls – the US feminist art activists who have launched a project in Hong Kong with Asia Art Archive to gauge how much exposure female artists are getting at the fair.

Date convicted: December 11, 2014Enterprise Corruption; Insurance Fraud; Grand Larceny; Offering a False Instrument for Filing (4 counts); Falsifying a Business Record (4 counts) and Scheme to Defraud (2 counts).

For example, she discovered the works of Chinese-American artist Cici Wu at 47 Canal, a New York gallery appearing at the Hong Kong fair for the first time.

There is also more Middle Eastern art on show this year, courtesy of galleries such as Tehran-based Dastan’s Basement – also in Hong Kong for the first time – which is showing a room-sized installation of paintings and sculptures by Sam Samiee.

“It’s always hard to predict the evolution of the art market,” he said.

Paid millions in illegal kickbacks for patient referrals to recruiters associated with assisted-living facilities and halfway houses in exchange for supplying therapy services to patients who didn't need them.

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