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“Season one was willfully complicated,” Barnett says, “and I think that was done on purpose to show you the random of the universe, which actually does connect into something.” This season thrusts the agency into the realm of high fantasy, specifically the magical kingdom of Wendimoor, where a gay, pink-haired knight is searching for Dirk.It also explores its characters’ link to the shadowy CIA program Blackwing and the strange goings-on in the unincorporated rural territory of Bergsberg.

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Are you pining for hilarious comedy shows that go beyond your usual boy-falls-in-love-with-female-roomie storyline?Dance competition series range from "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing with the Stars" to "Dance Moms." Cooking competitions gained popularity with shows like "Travel shows are favorites, as are talent and singing shows - from "American Idol" to "The Voice" to "The X Factor" - which are consistently among the highest rated programs on TV - ever. Vote for your favorite reality competition shows to move them up the list.You can also customize and rank your own list by clicking Rerank.The Brits have already proven that comedy is their speciality; the States have tried to replicate the British comedic wit time and time again but have never really succeeded.The American The Office doesn’t even come close to the British version, which was created by and starred Ricky Gervais; Shameless just isn’t quite the same set in a trailer park when in reality it was born in Manchester’s most dodgy council estate.

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