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is one of the longest-running primetime TV series in the United States.Often taking on various aspects of American culture, the show employs raunchy, weird humor.The Bluth family grapples with falling from mega-rich dysfunction into just middle-class dysfunction, and it's hilarious."It's more what I don't wanna see," says Tyler, 22. So if you like the show, it's best not to admit it.

Overall, I found that while dudes do like to hear jokes from their favorite TV shows, they'd rather have an interesting and unique discussion than simply exchange classic quotes.

"Sure The latest season of this futuristic anthology series is just as twisted and brilliant as the ones that came before.

It's one of Netflix's less binge-worthy shows, if only because the episodes can get pretty dark. If you understand the terminology, know the houses, and can keep track of the complicated family dynamics well enough to discuss fan theories, you're golden.

Because, if love can be found in a place as dreary as a paper company in East Bumblefuck, Pennsylvania, there's no telling where you will find it.

Your pictures are important, but even a short sentence can be just as much of a deal breaker or conversation starter.

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