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This was the biggest testing event so far, with numerous EVs and charging stations tested on site.Visit find more information on the upcoming testing event, such as the invitation letter. You can register as a participant bringing your own testing devices, or as an observer to gain an overview of the current development and attend networking events.The challenge is to guarantee interoperability despite these different use cases and requirements.The more of us that attend these symposia, the more likely we can alleviate this concern altogether.The German-based Daimler is one of the founding fathers of ISO 15118 and currently employs this standard in its smart electric drive vehicles, which use Innogy SE's ISO 15118-compatible charging stations.Innogy SE continues to be the pioneer out of worldwide charging station vendors but other manufacturers are gaining momentum.The ISO/IEC 15118 Joint Working Group will meet prior to the testing event to continue working on the second edition of ISO 151118.Their three-day meeting will take place from April 16th to April 18th.

He joined Portuguese Third Division club Leça FC in January 2011 and he would make his debut on 22 January in a 1-1 draw against GD Joane, which was then followed by his first goal for club on 20 February in a 2-1 victory against CD Candal.The second edition is expected to be released as an international standard in 2019.It will include a variety of new features, such as bi-directional power transfer for Vehicle-to-Grid applications, wireless charging and wireless communication, and charging buses via pantographs.I highly recommend that you aim to attend at least one of these important bi-annual industry events.They offer a unique opportunity for EV and charging station manufacturers and suppliers to test their ISO 15118 implementations for cross-vendor interoperability.

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