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This is done using a keylogger(Keystroke logging (often called keylogging) is a diagnostic tool used in software development that captures the user's keystrokes.).Yes it does exactly that, it saves every single character you hit on your keyboard when the keylogger is active.I would also like to tell you that hacking someone's password is almost impossible without that person's own involvement unless you are soooooooo good that you can break into powerful servers like yahoo,hotmail , Gmail(Impossible i guess).

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Open the log of your keylogger(i.e after ur victim has logged in nd more importantly logged out 4m ur view ;-) ) and there you will see all the keystrokes hit upon your keyboard after the keylogger became active, now you might find it hard to search out the password in that big mess of keystrokes, its kinda easy, just go on lukin for the username of your victim and just after that you will find the word you put all this hardwork ( if it was at all 4 u) for, thats the password. just go and grab a Keylogger for a start and once you install it and start using it everyother thing will start fall in places( trust me, it will). Feelings and emotions Good looking bodybuilder posing. Muscled male model on the rocks Quarrels and kisses. Muscled male model in navy cap Male model on the rocks. if you got ne queries, jus comment me and leave ur contact there.As far as the availability of the keyloggers are concerned, there are many on the net, here is one named There are many available out there, one particular keylogger i have heard but could not have my hand upon is Ghost keylogger.

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