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The improbable result was an expansion into coffee.

" In the fall of 2012 the author decided he needed to do some soul-searching.

Eventually I came to a surprising conclusion: I felt lost because TOMS had become more focused on process than on purpose.

We were concentrating so hard on the “what” and “how” of scaling up that we’d forgotten our overarching mission, which is to use business to improve lives.

And I still believed in our mission and the impact we were making.

But I was no longer sure why I wanted—or even if I did want—to continue driving the business forward.

In the six years since I’d founded TOMS, it had grown from a start-up based in my Venice, California, apartment to a global company with more than 0 million in revenue.The start-up he’d founded six years earlier had grown into a global company with more than 0 million in revenue, and it was still delivering on its promise to donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold, but Mycoskie felt disillusioned.His days were monotonous, and he had lost his connection to many of the executives in charge of daily operations.I couldn’t believe that such a simple act could have such an enormous impact on people’s lives. Rather than go home and ask my friends to donate their hand-me-downs or make financial contributions, I would start a for-profit company based on the buy-one, give-one idea.I named it Shoes for Tomorrow, later shortened to Tomorrow’s Shoes, and finally to TOMS so that the name would fit on the little tag on our shoes.

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