Bootstrap not updating mdt

The Selection profile drop-down-box is the important part here.

If you click it, you should see the Selection Profile created earlier. On the Summary screen click Next and wait a few seconds for the wizard to finish then close it.

When you are done editing the rules and options click OK to close the media properties window than right-click the media from the Workbench and choose Update Media Content.

This will create an ISO image with all the OS’s, drivers, applications that you specified in the Selection Profile wizard.

If you did not specified in the to skip this part you will have to do it manually by clicking Run the Deployment Wizard to install a new Operating System.

In this post, We want to demonstrate that you can deploy or create up to date images with a minimum of effort. You have setup your MDT server and create the perfect task sequence that does everything for you.

However, you have received complains from the user community.

When they start there newly delivered workstations, they still have to wait between 30 to 60 minutes before they can effectively work. Because when the system is joined to the domain, it connects to the patch management infrastructure which enforce the deployment of windows patches.

So how can you deploy using MDT those PC’s in those branch offices ? I presume you have your applications, your OS’s, and your drivers imported in MDT.

The answer is: create a deployment media where you put all the operating systems, drivers, applications you need for those PC’s and use this DVD to deploy those systems. I recommend to be very granular and create a folder for every platform, OS type, OS version, because it will help you so much later on.

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