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Originally established in the capital city of Lisbon, it moved around a few times before settling in Coimbra, a city located in central Portugal.

The student body is about 24,000, and the university hosts thousands of international students every year.

Membership of the CSC's alumni network is free and you'll be joining a community of over 30,000 alumni around the Commonwealth.

Some of us try to hide our ages as we get older, but this is not the case with these universities, who display them proudly at every opportunity, and for good reason.

So if youre looking for an intelligent, university-educated partner, join Ivory Towers and start connecting today.

If you have studied at Cambridge with the support of the Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust (or one of its predecessors, the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust or the Cambridge Overseas Trust), we would like to keep in touch with you.

Although the earliest universities looked a lot different to modern ones—especially as they generally only accepted men—they marked the beginnings of education as we now know it.

Here is a list of the oldest continually operating universities in the world.

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But you can only benefit fully from those resources if you keep your contact details up-to-date.

Thanks to its age and impressive campus, the university was awarded a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013.

Located in the Marche region of Macerata in central Italy, this university has over 11,000 students across seven faculties.

It wasn’t entirely for selfless purposes—he wanted a university where he could keep a closer eye on the theological teachings, as the universities of Bologna and Padua (you’ll find them below) had escaped his control.

The Complutense University of Madrid remains the largest and one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, with famous alumni including politicians, writers, and scientists.

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