Capricorn dating cancer

There's enough variety in those to please most people.For business, these two signs can work well together if Cancer doesn't get too resistant to the idea of spending time at the office, away from home, and if Capricorn remembers that work-life balance.Friendship may have the most potential for trouble if one partner gets it into his or her head that the other person can't have other friends.With Cancer's tendency to cocoon and Capricorn's tendency to set rules, that's a true worry.

Capricorn is all about the hard work and getting the job done, advancing the business, and managing the money, and Saturn loves that type of nose-to-the-grindstone attitude.In general, both are responsible and tend to just get to work, filling in the gaps of the other sign.Cancer may provide that caring home environment that Capricorn often lacks in the quest for a goal, and Capricorn may provide the structure that Cancer needs to feel protected.Another point to look out for is Capricorn's preference for classics, from designs to clothing to events, versus Cancer's more familiar and comfy preferences.Think home-cooked food versus a high-end restaurant, or a close gathering with friends versus a night at the opera where everyone has to dress in rather opulent garb, even in the audience.

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