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As with the other teachings of evolution, scientific facts are on the side of the Creationists; and the evolutionists, and their incredulous theories are outside the domain of scientific fact, discovery, and law. Living humans have a cranial capacity ranging from about 950cc. (2) Order of eruption of teeth is the same in man and in the Old World monkeys, but it is different from that of the great apes. Man and the gibbon walk habitually upright; the great apes do not.Why does human history only go back less than 5,000 years "The search for the proverbial ‘missing link’ in man’s evolution, that holy grail of a never-dying sect of anatomists and biologists, allows speculation and myth to flourish as happily today as they did fifty years ago and more."— *Sir Solly Zukerman, "Myth and Method in Anatomy," in Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (1966), Vol. Not only did they have some excellent artists among them, but they also kept astronomy records. Inside they found limb bones, pelvis, ribs, and a skull cap. Canine diastemas [spaces opposite large canines] are characteristic of the jaws of baboons, gorillas and monkeys. Where the upper canines meet, or occlude, with the lower jaw, there are spaces, or gaps, between the opposing teeth.The Cro-Magnons were normal people, not monkeys; and they provide no evidence of a transition from ape to man. If these are our ancestors, there should be millions of specimens.

They suggested that certain hunting tribes in Africa, Central India, South America, and the Western Pacific are not relics of the Stone Age, as had been previously thought, but instead are the ‘wreckage’ of more highly developed societies forced through various circumstances to lead a much simpler, less developed life."—*Science Year, 1966, p. The first introduction many children have to evolution are pictures of dinosaurs and cavemen.

You will find them, plus much more, on our website: Huxley, said they belonged to people and did not prove evolution. Many scientists today recognize that they had bowed legs due to rickets, caused by a lack of sunlight.

In the previous chapter (Fossils and Strata), we examined the supposed evidences for the past evolution of plants and animals. In 1886, two similar skulls were found at Spy, Belgium.

"Many male primates have large canine teeth, which are used in fighting and defense.

(4) The neck hinge is at the back on man, but at the front on the ape.

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