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In return he is “to find for the prior fitting entertainment (lodgings), three times a year, if he comes with four horses, or twice a year if he comes with six horses”. Richard, canon of Merton, is made Prior of Dunstable. Fremund are brought from Oxfordshire to Dunstable Priory.Fremund was said to have been a prince, son of the Mercian King Offa, and to have fought against the Danes.1123 King Henry I and his court spend Christmas at Kingsbury, Dunstable.1125 Work has started by this date on building the Augustinian Priory at Dunstable.King John demands men and arms for the country's defence. 1213 Dunstable Priory is consecrated by Hugh II, Bishop of Lincoln. The barons under the Earl of Perche, passing through the town, cause much damage.The Prior of Dunstable brings a case against the clerics at Bradbourne and Ballindon, accusing them of being married, and puts his own canons in these churches.1135 Coat of Arms is granted to Dunstable Priory by Henry I.

The roof on the Priory's presbytery falls in but is quickly repaired.1185 Thomas, the Prior of Dunstable, borrows £50 from Aaron of Lincoln, a Jewish moneylender.1194 King Richard introduces a licensing system under which tournaments can legally be held in authorised parts of England. 1202-17 Simon of Pattishall receives land from the Prior of Dunstable. 1203 A three-day fair in May is granted by King John who also gives the whole of the Manor of Houghton with its rights and profits to the Priory.1154 King Stephen and Henry, the Duke of Normandy, hold a meeting at Dunstable.1164 The burgesses are summoned by King Henry II to send representatives to Parliament, but they refuse.

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