Christian fascism judeo liquidating modern worldview

This chapter will examine this new upsurge of fascism and the threat it poses to the world.

We shall first see how racism is alive and well in Europe, and then consider the proliferation of neo-Nazi organizations.

At present, the neo-Nazi movement is growing stronger and spreading.

They are active today in 33 countries and on six continents. The members of these street gangs are generally aged between 13 and 25 and use the Internet to communicate.

Finally, we shall identify the ideology behind this phenomenon, the hidden face behind the growing trends in racism.

According to official German figures, there were 10,037 incidents of a racist or xenophobic nature in 1999.

It is in this way that racist movements continue to poison the younger generation and win new adherents.The defeat and collapse of fascism during the Second World War led most people to believe that "fascism was eliminated completely." However, that has by no means been the case.It is true that the foremost representatives of fascism have been removed from power, but the foundations of their ideology (Darwinism, the love of violence and racism) still survive.Among their characteristics, we can list hatred, intimidation, threatening behavior, destructiveness, and harmfulness.The greatest perpetrators of these are regarded among them as heroes.

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