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“We just can’t wait to get on with it,” says Chiles.“We’re kind of like a married couple – we have the same three arguments all the time.

An insider said: “They are both totally committed to Daybreak but there is stuff going on behind the scenes.

Daybreak would make a very interesting case study.” The direction of the programme has been the source of continued debate, with some executives wanting it to tackle more serious news and others arguing that it should concentrate on entertainment.

A new editor, David Kermode, takes over on December 1.

I’ve never watched any show that I’ve worked on,” straight-bats Chiles.

“I’ve watched it a couple of times,” says Bleakley. A lot of people want this battle between them and us – it’s not like that at all.” But even she must concede that it’s a little weird that her replacement, Alex Jones, looks exactly like her.

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