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Following graduation, Great Lakes continues to help and advise students with the management of their outstanding loans.

They can help students set up easy repayment plans, taking full advantage of discounts available for direct debit repayment programs.

Great Lakes not only advises college students and recent graduates on the best ways to manage their college loans, they are also devoted to helping borrowers avoid the potential catastrophe of loan default.

Defaulting on a student loan can have disastrous effects on a student’s income and future credit score, and must be avoided at all costs.

As one of the country’s leading guarantors and servicers of student loans, Great Lakes works with millions of students borrowers, thousands of colleges and universities, the U. Department of Education and upwards of 1100 private and public lenders.

As a non-profit organization, Great Lakes’ one aim is to help students secure the loans they need for college, and to help them manage those loans efficiently and effectively.

Students relying on loans to pay for college will find that comprehensive advice and support is always available from Great Lakes Education Loan Services.Through their Great Lakes account, students can view current information about their loan, view all repayment options, monitor their outstanding balance, and make regular payments.Great Lakes also works with students to calculate the total cost of their loans, so that they fully understand their responsibilities as borrowers.Great Lakes Education Loan Services acts as the full service contact between student borrowers and their primary lenders.Whether the lending agent is the Federal government, a state government, or a private lender, Great Lakes works directly with student borrowers to manage all aspects of their loan.

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