Cute dating suprises

Do not interrupt the girl Try to show yourself from the best side and show a genuine moderate interest in the girl.

Ask her interesting questions, listen carefully to the answers, show sincere interest in her stories but never interrupt her.

Your task is to make the girl has an impression that she knows you all her life.

You can eliminate the excitement before a date with the help of the technique of "square breathing".

Excessive gesticulation, as well as fidgeting or bouncing, will be unnecessary. Do not try to impress the girl How to have a great first date?

Do not talk about your heroic deeds because she will see your fictional stories at once.

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Keep eye contact It’s no matter whether you talk or you listen to her, maintain eye contact. Avoid negative topics of conversation On the first date, you can talk on any topic you want. If you want to be successful with women, stick to the positive side in everything.Show her that you are a polite and a pleasant company, and are interested in her personality.Do not show frank interest in the girl You should be a gallant gentleman but without obtrusiveness and sharpness.The zealous courtship and flirting will alert the lady.Do not make fun of the girl A sense of humor is a powerful tool of the man since jokes cause a storm of different emotions. Therefore, if you are not sure that a joke will make her laugh, it's better to keep silent.

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