Cystic fibrosis dating someone with cystic fibrosis

So, when bacteria enter our lungs, they tend to stick around forever whereas healthy people’s immune systems can fight them away.

The thick, sticky mucus that builds up in our lungs functions like silly puddy.

In other words, when we sweat, we lose too much salt, which puts us at increased risk of dehydration. To this day, the diagnostic test for CF is called a “sweat test” because it measures the salt chloride levels in your sweat. Just from looking at me, you’d probably never guess that I have less than a third of the average lung function or that I’m teetering on the brink of lung transplant evaluation. The downside is that it is often hard to appreciate how sick we feel and how difficult everyday tasks are because we look so deceivingly healthy on the outside.

If it’s hot outside and you lick the skin of someone with CF (with permission, of course! But on the flip side, it’s nice not to wear our disease on our sleeve, so to speak, so people see more than just our disease when they look at us. Way back when, children with CF had trouble pronouncing “Cystic Fibrosis.” So, they came up with a nickname with a similar ring: sixty-five roses.

As far as his current situation goes, he doesn't seem to struggle much with his everyday life.

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Like, he drinks a lot, take drugs occasionally (even smokes weed sometimes which can't be good for his lungs).

Plus, looking healthy rather than sickly is generally a good thing. Roses certainly evoke a much more lovely image than a life-threatening disease.

In fact, the nickname stuck so much that it is still used today and roses have become an unofficial symbol of CF.

CF can be hard for someone who has worked hard on their health and avoided rugs and alcohol all their life.i just wanted to say your response to this was so lovely and sweet.

it is clear that you two had a special relationship. your post summed it up so well (albeit, our relationship/his health problems are vastly different from your wife's--GI problems versus lungs).

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