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I am curious as to whom I can take this, to find out it's type and current price.

Further it includes more than 20 articles on stamps. Kindly after visiting my blog comment on it so that I could improve it. I need this UN FDC covers - probably You have it in stock (all three authority)? Monique E-Mail Can someone please let me know the approx.

Stamps are: GB SG#141 75 Euros GB SG#402 80 Euros GB SG#7 110 Euros GB SG#175 140 Euros Switzerland Mi#7-I 260 Euros Switzerland Mi#7 245 Euros GB SG 139 320 Euros GB SG#134 360 Euros GB SG#182 480 Euros GB SG#121 690 Euros Third Reich 1933 block 890 Euros Mauritius Scott 5 1020 Euros Large WURTTEMBERG collection 1851 - 1923, KA-BE album The collection is completed on 93 Price is 1520 Euros The completed MNH collection of 3rd Reich stamps 1933-1945, 1950 Euros Rare collection Litauen (Lithuania occupation) 100 stamps 2790 Euros All prices includes the international courier delivery. 17 - 215 Moscow, 123242 Russia 7 4 E-Mail Hello, I have recently obtained my father's stamp collection.

My warmest regards, Pavel Pavel Adronov RUSSMARKET. One stamp I have a question about is an 1851-56 Ben Franklin stamp. However, I know there are different types of this stamp and it is one of the more controversial stamps.

Cassel, 12 Nr.1 postcard Nr.12 and Cologne to Croatia. If you could let me know if it might be worth anything I would really appreciate it.

Raina 20 real photo postcard from 1915 to 1925 to 17 201 Nr Nr.17220 Both sets are in original packaging, book price all together is $ 100 U. with free shipping E-Mail I have a Benjamin Harrison US President stamp value 12 cents red in colour. Thanks E-Mail Hi, I have a couple red 2c John Adams Stamp. Thanks, Dana E-Mail Dear Friends, My name is Wahid Zia. I created a blog which includes the information of Pakistan ’s stamps.

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