Dating a goth boy

Caitlin's old friend, Tricia, ends their friendship because of Caitlin getting a job which leads to both of them in future disagreements.

The gang all agree: Work sucks, and they need a day off.

Jen tries to impress Charlie Dobbs, a new employee at the Penalty Box, by making him jealous.

She finds herself a "fake date" to make her plan work, and Jude is the one who must become her boyfriend for a couple of hours. Jonesy tries to cheer up Wyatt by taking him on a double-date.

Wyatt wins VIP tickets for the Mighty Weasels concert, and both Nikki and Jude compete to get them.

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Jonesy is the secret shopper, and Jen tries to get her store reputation back up after being rude to Jonesy.

He ends up just getting her a CD of her favorite band and inviting her a hotdog; Nikki plans out a girls-only Valentine's Day, but Caitlin and Jen are desperate for dates.

After failing to get dates, they decide to stay with Nikki and have a great time.

In the USA, 6teen Season 1 Volume 1, 6teen Dude Of The Living Dead, and 6teen Deck The Mall have been released in 2009.

It should also be noted that when Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network aired this series, 24 episodes were pulled for having content that was considered too risqué for their respective channel's target audience (children and preteens).

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