Dating an alpha man

According to previously classified documents, the CIA tested subliminal manipulation in movie theaters during the late 1950’s and a document on these studies speculated “that subliminal projection can be utilized in such a way as to feature visual suggestion” The extent of the CIA research is unknown (trust me, I really tried to get the detailed results).Many scientific studies have proven that if the subconscious mind is intentionally programmed with accepted thoughts and ideas, that soon the conscious mind will begin to act with the information it has received.These new thoughts and ideas will be reflected into the communication and behavior or the subject.Said another way, I can’t make you “want” to be Alpha, confident or masculine.At the end of this section I will give you dozens of prerecorded subliminal messages with the messages already written and in them. “The controversy has always been over changing people’s attitudes. What you can do is trigger a prior attitude or disposition.” – Mind Programming by Eldon Taylor I have tested subliminal messaging in my own life (and my son’s) and it does work, though different methods have different success rates.Through my research subliminal messages seem to work IF they are reinforcing something you already want to do or they are not suggesting you do something you don’t want to do. We need to use all of these skills so we learn to see each interaction in a new paradigm and change our belief system so that we have the most increased probability of demonstrating high Alpha traits.

By using subliminal messages we can rapidly speed up our skill learning ability – from months down to only weeks.The suit was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money.These subliminal images are common place in movies today. Subliminal messages can be both auditory or visual. For example: Have you ever thought you “heard” your phone ringing or a knock at the front door while listening to loud music only to have a feeling that made you turn turn down the music and find out the phone is really ringing or someone is at the door? The sound of the loud music drowned out the other conscious sounds, forcing the sound to be received just below the threshold of conscious perception, but the knocking door or ringing phone still prompted (or reinforced) your desire to take action.

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