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Watch Factory railroad markings - probably the largest of the four categories, as many manufacturers produced watches with railroad associated names.To list a few examples: Hampden produced watches named Railway, New Railway, Special Railway, Tramway Special and Train Service Standard. Nice porcelain dial with red 60 minute outer track. Serial number 7451615 which puts this in the year 1896. This one is Primo nice and available for you to show off to your friends.

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The porcelain dial has a light hairline at the 7, but otherwise shows very well. E-mail Us To Purchase #PW-3034 Beautiful WALTHAM Hunters Case Every once in a while you come across something that makes you stop and take a second look. A beautiful 6S Waltham Hunters case with some unbelievable markings. Porcelain dial with sunken seconds bit showing no chips or cracks. E-mail Us To Purchase #PW-3022 Gorgeous REGINA Super nice, 17 Jewel Regina Watch Co. But railroad markings alone are not sufficient to make a watch a "railroad watch." Railroad-marked watches may be classified in four basic categories: Railroad logo markings - railroads neither encouraged nor, in some cases, even permitted the use of their logos on watch movements.Some dials can be found with railroad logos, but these are quite rare and are thus quite collectible.Railroad-marked watches include all watches that are marked on the movement, case or dial with words or pictures associated with railroading, in particular with specific railroads.Many railroad-marked watches are, in fact, railroad-grade watches.

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