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I am hopeful that this will better position me to find my unicorn…. Okay, last piece of advice that applies to both pictures and test. You heard me, have a couple of close friends look over your profile before you send it on it’s journey into the interwebz.

Often the way we would describe or portray ourselves is different than how our best friends/loved ones would describe us - and it’s always good to make sure we’re not missing the goodies that might endear us most to our friends/family!

Today in this age of instant gratification and snap judgments followed by a quick swipe of the finger right or left, pictures become relatively important in finding prospective partners.

Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when choosing your pictures: In short, use pictures to show not only what you look like, but who you are!

You probably stared at that blank word document for a while trying to figure out where to start and then decided to go eat 3 pounds of chocolate covered pretzels instead (...maybe that was just me). I’m not even sure how to answer my own rhetorical question!

ANYWAYSSSSS, sitting down to make a dating profile is kind of the same, except scarier... So how do we even get started when we’re staring blankly at our even MORE blank Bumble (or Tinder, or Hinge or Ok Cupid) profile? I’m going to tackle this by initially taking the path of least resistance - the pictures.

What was once considered taboo is much more acceptable today than it was a few years ago; now, many people meet their significant others online.

” With technology playing such a big role in our lives, it’s inevitable that it plays a role in our social realms as well.Given the reputation of Tinder, I wasn’t surprised that although it’s considered a “dating” app, most people were looking for more of a one-time meet-up.When I created my Tinder profile, I had no intentions of going out with someone from the site, but when the opportunity arose, I thought it would be fun to see what would happen.The things I’m not interested in were essentially a list of dealbreakers - the first of which was that I’m NOT interested in something casual.This is a major departure from my first Tinder profile which had no text, and contributed to me ending up with a person who was not on the apps looking for a long term/committed relationship in the first place.

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