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While I had him on the Phone (Blake) with Bob in Kia Parts he told me what to order, all the front parts, nuts, bolts, cams and extra because they could not get them. Then I had my tires rotated 3 weeks ago and they still found nothing that could possibly be making the noise.

So while he was on the phone I ordered 0.00 worth of parts. So I went back the next Saturday and the person working the counter said they can not do it because I ordered and bought the parts my self. So I got under my own PU and found a rubber boot off of a part that went to my drivers wheel.

I would like to speak to the shareholders, the family. I had called the day before and tried to make an appointment for a full brake job. Thirty minutes later my truck was still sitting outside.

I told them I was leaving and to forget the brake job. Approxamately 45 minutes later my truck came back around front.

They also told me .00 for each side replacement. Funny thing was the manager knew I was ordering the parts because he was on the phone when I was ordering them and telling me what I needed. come to find out it was a CV Axel ,and that is important to know since it can make you wreck and cause lots of damage if it comes off.

Went I went down on Sat after I order the parts per our conversation the cost to replace went up to 5.00. So needless to say they did not reimburse me for the parts and did not fix the car. He had his guy check the car and I never needed the parts. So I had it fixed in Fruitland and guess what , No more noise . 🙁 Reply This morning I went to the Airway Heights Les Schwab Arriving 45 minutes early I was first in line.

I was told all they did was diognose the problem and they didn’t have the parts in stock to fix it.

Les Schwab Tire Centers began in 1952 when Leslie Schwab purchased OK Rubber Welders tire store in Prineville, Oregon.

In 1966, Schwab decides to operate OK Rubber Welders as a separate company. In 2008, the company headquarters moves from Prineville to Bend, Oregon.

He changes the company name to Les Schwab Tire Centers. In 2000, Modern Tire Dealer magazine names Les Schwab Tire Centers as dealer of the year. Today, there are over 375 Les Schwab Tire Centers in 9 Western US states.

In 2006, the company was sued over allegations of gender based discrimination. Question 1: What is the phone number for Les Schwab Tire Centers?

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