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The EU is the ultimate example of the power of international cooperation and free trade.We know from experience that progress requires give and take.And that the EU member states stand united in this, however much pressure we face.I like to compare it to the wagon trains in those John Wayne Westerns that I watched as a boy.The US has unilaterally pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal.

The EU united behind us, jointly calling for Russia to accept responsibility and cooperate with efforts to establish the truth, and achieve justice and accountability.And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.’ Churchill was right, we can’t predict the future. But as politicians, it’s our job to lead and to chart a course.It’s our job to set goals and make choices that help achieve those goals.Member states all benefit from the Single Market, the monetary union and the free movement of persons.But it’s just as important that the EU ensures security, stability and the rule of law.

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