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If someone doesn't like it, well, that's exactly why you give them the information they need to make their decisions. And then she came out; we were divorced shortly after. I guess it's a matter of having some communication from the beginning, and gradually turning up the dial as the relationship progresses.

), and how to pursue your personal desires once you're capable of allowing a relationship to fail.

Maybe he can meet your needs and wants to, or maybe not. Romanticism has given us a lot of ideas about love that aren't helpful, for example the idea that we'll meet a soulmate and they'll just know us by intuiting what's in our head.

I like this one because it's quite a lot of his ideas in one place, and he takes a lighter tone about it. Since you just talked about it, he may expect you to remember.

Continuing the light conversation will let him know you remember, but also that you're not making a big thing of it like you would it you were hung up on him.

I guess I'm pretty late to the party - Seattle 45M trying to figure out dating.

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