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And the more that Israel boycotts “are the subject of litigation and legislation,” La Hood added, “the more public awareness rises – both about Israel’s human rights violations as well as the bullying tactics used to punish [those] exposing them.” Israel is running out of low road along that dirty law-fare highway.And the more unconstitutional laws they ram through on the local, state and national level, the more they'll be challenged and lose. People like Senator Charles- I refuse to call this guy "Chuck"- Schumer are becoming exposed as agents of a foreign power, and it's long overdue. It seems to me that as long as Israel and Palestine are separate countries, they will continue fighting. Israel absorbed and colonised Palestine in a series of invasions, mass expulsions and land grabs.

As pro-Israel organizations continue to harass BDS supporters and push anti-BDS legislation at local, state and federal levels in the US, the Washington court’s dismissal of the Olympia Food Co-op lawsuit has broad implications.There's no fighting going on, only periodic massacres carried out by the IDF on civilian populations, with the world's most notorious apartheid regime (complete with direct military rule) imposed on the Palestinian people. It's a travesty of the real conditions facing an oppressed people every day of their lives. The Zionists have never intended to have a two state solution and most of the rest of the world are too afraid to stand up to them because many many years ago they were allowed to build nuclear bombs which they will use one day because they are deeply selfish self obsessed people with very little awareness of themselves and their actions which impinge on the rest of the world and to the detriment of Jews everywhere. If they were one state, they would be forced to figure out how to get along, and, indeed, would be an example to the rest of the world. Basically Israel is a racist colonial state that views the Palestinians in much the same way as white confederates viewed blacks, less than human.They are also a theocratic Jewish state whose laws cater to the ethnic Jews.You cant share a state with a people whose basic human rights are not codified into law and who you illegally occupy. What all this means is that Israeli racism is so extreme that sharing ancient Palestine/Israel in one state is virtually impossible. The rumor mill is working overtime, as the former One Direction star is reportedly dating an Australian actress. A successful model and actress, Valance is best known for playing the role of Paige Smith on the Australian soap opera We’ve known each other for a couple of years now.

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