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A Church spokesman also told ABC 15 that, "Church members feel saddened about what happened, and they realize people...LDS Church News - “The heavens did not open, and that experience was just very quick, but it was as profound to me as if I had seen a concourse of angels," second counselor in the general Young Women presidency Sister Becky Craven said of the unexpected but life-changing experience she had after reading the Book of Mormon.Living in areas where her siblings often were the only other Church members at her schools, Sister Craven drew on the social and spiritual support of Young Women peers in weekly lessons and gatherings as well as stake and regional Super Saturday activities. Jeff Benedict, adapted from "Make a Choice: When You Are at the Intersection of Happiness and Despair" - In his book Make a Choice: When You Are at the Intersection of Happiness and Despair, New York Times best-selling author Jeff Benedict shares a touching story of one of his former missionary companions, Bruce Jasper.While divorced and living with his widowed mother, Jasper was able to find deep compassion and incredible strength to forgive a stranger who caused him immeasurable pain and suffering.ESPN - "It's unbelievable,'' LDS MLB player Bryce Harper said about his win at the Home Run Derby. King Lamoni thought Ammon was a rather disarming fellow. Originally assigned to serve in Sweden, Sister Lundevall is serving a technology mission in South Salt Lake until her visa is approved."We have some of the best fans in baseball, and to be able to do that with my family out there, that's an incredible moment—not only for me, but for the organization and Nationals fans. But, as she says on Facebook, she's happy to serve wherever she's assigned. Syster Lundevall here, happy and healthy in the Salt Lake City South Mission!In Haiti, you don’t usually leave school until your homework is done. Whether you've been on a trek or not, your family will laugh along and ultimately be inspired as you enjoy this delightful film. LDS Living Staff - Thanks to Mormon Life Hacker for making us aware of this video.

On a Tuesday, for no clear reason, my mother came to school to pick me up early. " But, when they encounter unexpected trouble, their faith is tested much like that of their pioneer ancestors.

LDS Living Staff - Although his recorded words are few, the prophet Elijah is among the most prominent in the Old Testament.

He ministered in the Northern Kingdom of Israel in a time when the people had almost entirely turned to idol worship (about 900 B. Through his priesthood power and his faith, Elijah was able to perform many mighty works.

Among other acts of vandalism, the teen changed one sign to say, "heretics welcome" and spray painted "Doesn't God hate gay" on the side of the meetinghouse.

According to abc15, the graffiti was cleaned off the building on Monday.

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