Dating my guild

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I do think that small, loyal guilds are desperately ignored by developers, but I don’t agree it’s a new phenomenon; it was a problem in the old days too.

been stuck in the arbitrary mindset that guilds are good and big guilds are gooder.

at least seems to be trying to address this problem with its upcoming structure revamp, which should make it possible for small groups to build a little empire together and maybe even defend it against a foe with larger numbers.

But only time will tell if this trend can truly be reversed.

That’s what turns a simple online game that can be picked up and played for short periods into a persistent virtual world we can make a home in and make a really significant part of our lives.

We’ve lost that over the past 10 years as MMOs have shifted to crafted singleplayer experiences and made grouping not just optional but unneccessary.

Tina and I ran a small casual raiding guild in , and it turned into a great little community.

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Sometimes it’s amazingly long; my stepfather is still close to his best friend from kindergarten, my wife and I have been best friends since we met 15 years ago, and so forth. Sometimes, a breaking up of an older guild isn’t so much about the changes in mechanics as it is about changing in people and goals.When whichever group has the larger number of players almost always wins in Pv P, small tight-knit corps can’t compete and either join a larger power block or get stomped into the ground by one.Wormhole space initially offered small corps the ability to build their own little havens and was absolutely amazing to live in, but today it’s more dominated by the larger organisations that have long since found the optimum way to fight in wormhole space.We were always sad to see any of our friends leave the game, but a steady trickle of new people looking for raid spots kept the guild growing.When Blizzard released the raid finder mechanic, our guild lost its trickle of new recruits, and there were fewer PUGs ready to quickly fill spots in raids.

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