Dating my remington 1100

Back in 2011, Big Green produced its most radical take on the 1100 theme to date.To paraphrase GM’s genius marketing mavens, the Remington Model 11oo Competition Synthetic is not your (grand) father’s Oldsmobile.Swapping the Auto-Buster’s standard-fit medium tension springs to damp the kick of softer or stouter loads is a snap.With a few turns of a wrench, you can drop in a lighter or heavier spring set. That thick, cushy Super Cell butt pad also takes a bite out of backfire. Officially rated at 8.25 pounds, our T&E 1100 Competition Synthetic tipped the scales at 9.1 pounds.To stumble on out about your gun's serial compute simply click on your firearm. The serial number settle on your gun has the serve.I have contacted Remington and they confirmed that ammo above is befitting.

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They can be decoded to bargain out when your shotgun or rob was manufactured.While the set-up’s effect on felt recoil is minuscule, the elongated cone likely has a beneficial effect on your shot strings, making for more consistent patterns.The 1100 Competition Synthetic’s nickel trigger trips cleanly at just over four pounds.[reviewadinsert] The much-loved scattergun has, of course, evolved over time.There have been multivarious variations of the estimable 1100 over the decades; from simple, affordable field guns to deer slayers to dedicated skeet and trap versions to drop-dead gorgeous fancy grade walnut-clad engraved keepsakes.

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