Dating old coke bottles

contour bottle is patented in 1915 by the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana. President Robert Woodruff orders that “every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca‑Cola for five cents, wherever he is, and whatever it costs the company.” His vision that Coca‑Cola be placed within “arm’s reach of desire” becomes real—from the mid-1940s until 1960, the number of countries with bottling operations nearly doubles. The magazine originally asks to place long-time Company leader Robert Woodruff’s image on the cover, but he refuses, saying the brand is the important thing and Coca-Cola itself should be featured.

Before that, it had been a soda fountain item as well as a syrup being sold in bottles as a patent medicine.Coke was not the only company that used this type of bottle.Each bottle was embossed with "Biedenharn Candy Company, Vicksburg, Miss." Currently, there have been more than 16,000 different embossed Hutchinson style bottles located.Place free advertisements in the club's online newsletter to reach its membership of more than 3,000.Attend Coca-Cola events and conventions for opportunities to personally sell your old Coke bottles.

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