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SMS phishing is when a text message is sent to a receiver saying something about a bank statement or money transfer and when that message is opened and downloaded it could potentially release a virus onto your phone and reveal sensitive information.Now, here are six ways to tell if your phone has been hacked. If your phone starts to run out of battery really quickly it could be a sign that there is an unknown app running in the background of your phone.Authorities in Frankfurt, Germany found the car parked in a garage building.

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Newer cars have many safety features that ensure that the car runs …Heir and managing director to the Free Choice tobacco empire, Travers Beynon, has become notorious for his hedonistic lifestyle, which he flaunts on social media and typically boasts: Scantily-clad women, Expensive vehicles, Extravagant events, Wild parties.A mother should never have to suspect that her toddler is abused.Unfortunately, this mother had no idea that her babysitter was …A German driver who forgot where he parked his car 20 years ago, recently had the car returned to him.If you charge your phone with a foreign cable, choose the ‘Only charging’ option.Instead of connecting to every public Wi-Fi network, turn it off.

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