Dating sensory integration

Some people will prefer a firm mattress and firm pillow, some prefer a soft mattress and soft pillow, and some prefer a combination, soft mattress with a hard pillow or vice versa.

Although a sensory room will be tailored to address an individual's unique needs, (and ideally would be set up with input from a knowledgeable professional such as an occupational therapist) there is also certain equipment which can have therapeutic sensory system effects on most anyone.

If you child has symptoms of Sensory Integration Disorder your doctor may refer you to a trained occupational therapist for an evaluation.

The cost is much more "justifiable" and achievable in a clinic or rehab facility. If you are setting up a sensory room in your own home, and are looking for a cheaper alternative, hammocks, hammock chairs, glider swings, and glider rockers can give you some of the same effects.

The various "mediums" can include scented oils, scented candles (if safe for the person you are using it for), aroma diffusers, scented markers, scented playdoh, toys, scented stuffed animals or blankets, and/or scented neck wraps, eye masks, scented potpouri and sprays.

Remember, the particular scents you use will vary with the effects you are trying to achieve.

A sensory room is extremely therapeutic for both children and adults with sensory processing disorders..mild to severe.

In fact, anyone in the general population could benefit from spending time in one!

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