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Make your data eligible for other Google features in search results These include rich snippets, breadcrumbs, and sitelinks search boxes.Businesses that would profit most from these features are those that include products, prices, events, ratings, or reviews on their pages, like real estate websites. Make your content relevant to online users looking for particular information These add a whole new dimension of information to search results.Repairing structured data errors is considered an important factor in SEO, especially for local search, but it’s not an official ranking signal.

Common data categories include reviews, movies, products, events, and articles, to name a few.In this case, the homepage has missing elements like author and title entries.Instead of fixing it, remove the hentry because it’s not needed.People will have no problem identifying which dates belong to which event in time — but not machines.They have their own language that allows them to read information more accurately.

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