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The accent in the collections and exhibitions lies on 20th century and actual design.Palais des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi Fine Arts at Charleroi.Connecting technology marketers with technology buyers across Europe and beyond Keeping readers informed on latest technology news and insights, helping them make complex purchasing decisions.Combining content and data, we offer advertisers efficient ways to drive sales and brand awareness.With few natural resources, Belgium imports substantial quantities of raw materials and exports a large volume of manufactures, making its economy vulnerable to volatility in world markets.Belgian banks were severely affected by the international financial crisis in 2008 with three major banks receiving capital injections from the government, and the nationalization of the Belgian retail arm of a Franco-Belgian bank.

The two Houses of Parliament are the Chamber of Representatives with 150 and the Senate with 60 members. The Belgian Monarchy Official website of the Belgian King and the members of the Royal Family.Airport Brussels (Zaventem) International Airport Belgium's largest airport (IATA: BRU).Brussels South Charleroi Airport Second busiest airport Belgium's (IATA: CRL).Royal Museums of Art and History One of the biggest museum institutions in Belgium.Royal Museum for Central Africa Part of the Belgian history.

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