Dating someone not affectionate

My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years. Ever since the beginning of our relationship, he never was big on showing a ton of affection. I confronted him on the issue, asking if he could show me more love, such as kissing hugging, holding hands, etc. As of late, I really started to notice that we were starting to act more like best friends than lovers. We get along perfectly as roommates, but that’s all I have been feeling like we are: roommates/buddies.There's so many guys out there wishing for women like us and how dumb would you look explaining to friends and family that she left you because you weren't affectionate towards her. We talked marriage and kids, two things I never saw happening for me. I don't think he's cheating, he's not the type, but somehow my priority in his life diminished.With that went the sweet texts, and comments, lovingly staring into each other's eyes, constant touches, holding hands, and of course, lots of bedroom time.I dont know if i'm strong enough to leave but dig deep into your heart and ask yourself if he ever was able to give you what you "really" need, or was he just in love with the whole concept of committed relationship.

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He says he never viewed me as anything less than lovers, and he was very happy. How long do I wait to move back in if he is showing me lots of affection?I had the same relationship which I let go because it nearly gave me a break down.I ended up eventually marrying him 2 years down the line because like any man, he was showing affection at the beginning of our relationship.To be honest there is a feeling inside me that tells me that he will never change and I don't think I will be happy in the long term I feel the same way about my current boyfriend of over a year. I tried very hard to show her the insecurities she had were alright by always paying attention to her feelings.I give him affection and get shot down and then feel bad about myself. Now I am the one carrying the big when you try to make something real and genuine only for it to be under appreciated and thrown back at you. When we first started dating he would show me he cared by always coming to my job and he took us on a trip (that I pretty much planned but he paid for-he never plans anything for us) and we went out at least once a week.

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